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Remscheid-Lennep – Marienheide


This stage of the journey connects the Balkan route with the Wasserquintett (water quintet) cycle trail, which is part of the Bergische Panorama cycle path network. It starts at Lennep railway station, which is near the historic old town of Lennep, and leads to the town of Hückeswagen and its castle. From there it continues to Wipperfürth, the oldest town in the Bergisches Land region, and ends at the pilgrimage site of Marienheide. In the course of this bike ride, you can marvel at the stunning mountain landscape: green meadows with gentle hills, shady forests, and the wide pastures that stretch along the Wupper, which is called “Wipper” in the upper reaches.


Five dams are the namesakes for the Water quintet railway trail from Bergisch-Born to Marienheide. The Wupper, Bever, Brucher, Neye and Linges dams are lined up like a string of pearls in the valley of the Wupper and one of its tributaries. This wealth of water, which is typical for the Bergisches Land region, can be experienced on the Water quintet route.(

At a Glance

Start Remscheid-Lennep train station
Destination Marienheide train station
Lenght 31 km
Duration approx. 3,5 Stunden
Difficulty easy-medium
Track 97% former railway route
Ascent approx. 160 m
Descent approx. 140 m
Old town Remscheid-Lennep
Old town Hückeswagen
Airfield Wipperfürth-Neye
Historic marketplace Wipperfürth
Museum of Black Powder at the Villa Ohl

You can find the attractions exact locations on our outline map.