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Essen-Kettwig – Haan-Gruiten


You can reach the PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn from the RuhrtalRadweg route via the Ruhr bridge in Essen-Kettwig. It leads from Essen-Kettwig via Heiligenhaus, Wülfrath and Velbert to Haan through the neanderland. Even though the landscape is quite hilly, you will find cycling along this railway trail to be a relaxing experience.


Various bridges and viaducts not only offer stunning views but are also impressive testimonials of the engineering feats of the last 100 years. Also worth seeing is the Waggonbrücke (waggon bridge) in Heiligenhaus, which is unique in Germany. Excursions into the surrounding area to see the Mariendom cathedral in Velbert, the Abtsküche in Heiligenhaus with its historic monuments, the Zeittunnel (time tunnel) in Wülfrath, the historic village of Gruiten and the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, are all worthwhile.

At a Glance

Start Kettwig main station
Destination Gruiten main station
Lenght 37 km
Duration approx. 3,5 - 4 hours
Difficulty medium
Track 60% former railway route, asphalted
Ascent approx. 450 m
Descent approx. 340 m
Waggon Bridge Heiligenhaus
Abbots Kitchen Monument
German Museum for locks and fittings
Cathedral of the Virgin Mary Velbert
Wülfrath old town
Time tunnel Wülfrath
Gruiten Village

You can find the attractions exact locations on our outline map.