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Timetable information of the transport networks

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Taking your bike on buses, trains, the suspension railway and the cable car

In general, you can take bicycles with you on public buses, but this depends on the traffic situation. In summer, a bicycle bus (Bergischer FahrradBus) runs between Leverkusen-Opladen and Marienheide on weekends and public holidays.


Bicycles can be transported in all local trains around the clock. However, during peak times it can be difficult to find space in the carriages. For many journeys, you have to buy an additional ticket for your bike (Zusatzticket) on top of the standard ticket for travel.


Suspension railway Summer: 10am to 6pm, Winter (Sat/Sun): 11 am to 5 pm, please register for groups, suspension railway phone: +49 (0)212/24 43 685

Cable car Burg: Bicycle transport is possible, Hasencleverstrasse 2, Solingen-Unterburg, +49 (0) 212/4 31 81, (seasonal operation)


Tunnel tip: The Bergische Panorama bike trail leads through several tunnels that can be used all year round. The only exception is the Wegeringhausen Tunnel, which is only open from April to October. In winter, the tunnel can be bypassed via the RadRegionRheinland junction network.


With the Bergischer FahrradBus (bicycle bus), cyclists can easily shorten the stages of their tour along the Bergischer Panorama-Radweg and the Balkantrasse. Our partners from Das Bergische have made a nice video about their service: